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Give The Gift of Math!
Give the Gift of Math with Metro-Math Tutoring Service
Dr. Tom Kloster, PhD Educational Mathematics
In this bios I will introduce myself and my focus in the mission of Metro-Math Tutoring Services. I want to introduce myself by asking each of you visitors three questions…a kind of mini-quiz.
1.       Do you wish math was easier for you?
2.       Do you wish you had more time to do math homework?
3.       Do you want the kind of career that makes use of math?
Metro-Math Tutoring Services customers answer, “Yes, yes, yes!” That is why I am so passionate about our mission. I know, because I am the owner. It’s like being in a position to give, give, and give again. My name is Tom Kloster, my motto is “Give the gift of math”, and my meaning is to get as much math to be done as I can. Don’t get me wrong. Not all math is good for people. We all know that math can be a source of frustration and pain, right? I don’t want that. It won’t stay like that. I want to take that away!
Let me explain. I have taught college mathematics for 25 years. During those years I met thousands of students, okay? I felt great about it every time one of them thanked me, but I wanted to reach deeper into their lives. Yes, it only made me want to help them more. As a retired college mathematics professor, I understand that students have lives and that they wish they could make more time for school. I can help. Like anything else they do, doing math is going to get easier to do when they find someone who can help them do it. I know that for many students math opens avenues for fuller and happier lives by guaranteeing them greater access to higher paying and more personally fulfilling jobs.
Did you know that in today’s world most college students enter college unprepared or underprepared for college coursework? I really know that you do, and you also know that this is especially true as it pertains to college mathematics coursework. This is made more intimidating, because of the perception that math teachers are still learning how to teach it instead of caring much themselves about where and why math is useful in the real world. Ouch! Okay, we’re all on the same page, but think about these three related examples.
1.       To be a fire chief you need to have studied calculus.
2.       To be a head nurse you need to have studied statistics.
3.       To be a forest ranger you need to have studied trigonometry.
Congratulations! You understand how important math is to you, so you can understand how important that might be to me. Congratulations again! You may have chosen or be considering such a rewarding career for yourself. I’m glad because as you are getting to know me, I am getting to know you. You are exactly the kind of students that I want to meet. I think about that every time I interview one of our prospective math tutors, then I smile to myself knowing that I can help more people to give and to receive in the giving of the gift of math.
I can hardly wait for you to call, because I can imagine how well it will work for you to have one of our private, experienced, specialized math tutors help you in the comfort and relaxedness of your own home. You would like it, but you need to decide when. At that moment I want you to remember that you met me.  My PhD. in Educational Mathematics guides me as a leader in the statewide effort to find qualified tutors for success stories like yours. This is also true because it helps me be able to stay current and connected with a critical eye on educational issues as they arise. I believe that can help you, and lastly because I believe in you. I went to UC Berkeley for a BA degree in pure mathematics, to UC San Diego for an MA degree in pure mathematics, and finished up my PhD in Colorado in 1999. More later!