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Give The Gift of Math!




A note to parents
You may have seen the above pictures of famous mathematicians. Gauss is known as the father of math, Descartes for the origins of the cartesian coordinate system, and Newton as the creator of calculus. These men gave the world the gift of math, so math is really a gift. Metro-Math Tutoring Services is here for you to help you pass on that gift to your kids!!!

A note to students
When you apply for college, you are investing in your own future. Colleges look for students who are well prepared in mathematics courses like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and calculus. A diploma that shows a solid background in mathematics coursework at your high school opens doors for you in college and possibly in your career. Our math tutors will explain math to you so you can understand it too. Metro-Math Tutoring Services is here for you to give the gift of math !!! 

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